Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Floors!

I can not tell you how OVER THE MOON in LOVE I am with our new floors!

Since we moved in we have had carpet in every room of this house. Except for the obvious places like the kitchen, the bath rooms, and the dinning room. And since we have moved in the carpets have been dirty with spots and what not. The carpet was new when we moved in but with 2 dogs it was impossible to keep clean. We even had the carpets professional cleaned and they got dirty again in a matter of days. So the carpet… HAD. TO. GO.

We found this GREAT product that looks like hand scrapped wood but is actually porcelain tile. Yes, you read that correctly. Tile that looks like wood. Yeah. I KNOW!!! I was like wha? Yes please, where can I sign up? Our good friend Wyatt owns his own construction company and he and his crew put the floors in and did an A-MAZING job! We are just thrilled.

And since I have a love of before and after pics, I assume you do to. So here they are for your viewing enjoyment.

Standing at the front door looking into the living room.

004 016

On the left looking back at the front door. On the right, in front of the T.V.

015 019

Guest bathroom, complete with the stained vinyl tile. Ugh. Vinyl be gone!


Hallway leading to the guest bath and bedrooms. Seriously? Doesn’t that look like wood? When Griff’s Mom was in town her friend Frank thought the floors were real wood. Score!

012 024

Small hall leading to the master bedroom on the left.

010 043

Standing in the dinning room looking into the living room.

024 023

To save some dough Griff bought the t-molding and stained it himself. {t-molding is the piece of wood that makes the transition between 2 different areas of flooring} And Griff being the good husband he is, took pictures of what products he used while I was at work. :) I so heart him for that!

045 044 046

Here is the finished t-molding. He did a GREAT job at matching the molding to the color of the tile. It’s an exact match! I have to confess while it was drying in the sun the molding looked black and I was doubting his staining abilities. How dare I doubt him! Like I said he did a great job and I’m saying it here…. I was wrong. Take note. That doesn’t happen often. Moving on.

037 020

And as always here are the helpers wondering who tha heck is in their house and why those people are not outside throwing the ball with them.


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