Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lamp Revamp

I’ve had this lamp for a long time, {back when I had red and gold as an accent color.} But since red and gold isn’t really our thang anymore, I decided it needed a little revamp. So I ripped of the trim detail. I had no remorse. I just ripped it right off, like a band-aid. Rrrrrrrrrrrrip!

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Then I took the shade off and took the lamp base to the garage to give it a bath in this. Krylon Stain Finish in Oil Rubbed Bronze {ORB}.

006 (2)

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While the base was drying I went back inside to work on the shade. I had some left over liner fabric from when I worked on the living room cornice boards. So I cut a piece and wrapped the shade using this fabric sticky stuff I had laying around from another project.

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When I was done wrapping it looked like this. Much better but I obviously couldn’t leave it like this. So I fiddled around in my craft closet to see what I could find that would work.


First I thought about using this beaded ribbon. This ribbon was left over from when my Mom made the cake stand for our wedding cake.


See the ribbon at the base of the stand? Thanks Mom for doing a great job!


But I wasn’t feeling this ribbon for the lamp shade. So I decided to use some left over ribbon from a gift I received. Hmmm, I’m liking this… I think.

083 084

Oh and on a side note, I might not have kids that interrupt my projects but I do have this particular girl that interrupts me constantly trying to get me to throw her ball. Silly Charley.

085 086 087

Anyhoo back to the project. Instead of hot gluing the ribbon to the shade I decided to pin it in place. 1.) I was worried about the glue burning through the fabric shade, and 2.) I wanted to be able to remove it easily if I changed I mind, {which I often do.}


Here she is looking all sorts of fabulous on her new home, the Goodwill desk I found. You can see how I revamped this desk by clicking here. I am loving this lamp! And the cost of the whole project? FREE!!!!! I love those kinds of projects!

091 111

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