Sunday, October 3, 2010

October = Spooktober

It’s no secret that Griff and I LOVE Halloween! We even named a table at our wedding Halloween with the sub title reading {Our favorite holiday}.

Since this past Friday was October 1 I decided to spend the night decorating the fireplace mantel with a little spooktacular accessories. {OK, maybe not the whole night, but you get my drift}.

The mantle has been looking like this. With some fall decor here and there. Nothing too over the top.

025 026

So I decided to build upon what I already created and just add some spooky details. By the way, all of these decorations came from the Dollar Store. Some spider webbing, some spooky black crows, some small plastic skulls, and some Spanish moss.

098 099

I used some clear vases I already had and dumped the skulls in with some black branches that I saved from some of our wedding centerpieces. Then I wrapped some spider webbing around the branches, added some scary spiders and my spooky black crows. “Heeelllllo Mr. Crow.”

103 104 106

I then draped some more webbing over the picture above the fireplace and added some spiders for a creepy effect.


Tucked some more branches and Spanish moss here and there. And the wooden cat my Mom gave me. Thanks Mom!

114 116115

Here is the mantle looking just spooky enough. I didn’t want it to be too cheap looking, {even though everything was free or came from the Dollar Store}.


I also took a Halloween witch Goodwill find, {for .99 cents}, and added it to the fall wreath already on our front door.

119 120

I also found these tea light tin pumpkins at Goodwill for $4.99. A little more than I would have liked to spend on them but I had the perfect spot for these scary beauties so I said what tha hell. I placed them in the window over our front door and come Halloween night I will place tea lights inside and light em’ up for a fun effect on the spookiest of nights. Muahahahahahah!

{Sorry for the craptastic photos. Maybe Santa will bring me a better camera this Christmas.}

122 123


On our living room end table I just added some candle sticks with pumpkins placed on top, my wooden Boo!, and some Dollar Store birds spray painted black.

127 126

And as a fall weather bonus we have all our windows open right now because it feels AMAZING outside! It’s getting cooler by the minute! I just checked the weather and too bad this cool feeling isn’t going to last. It’s supposed to be hot again this week. Ugh.

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