Friday, December 17, 2010

Date Night!

Griff scored some tickets to the Austin Toro’s game the other night so we decided to make it into a date night. In case you don’t know, {cause I didn’t}, Austin has a developmental basketball team, the Austin Toro’s, that feed into the San Antonio Spurs. Oh. Duh.

101 103

The Austin Toro’s played the Bakersfield Jam. {out of Cali}

134 114

Ok, the game was GREAT but I was more interested in this tool of a guy that had the biggest rings on his hands that I have ever seen! Yes, you read that right. This “guy”, and I use that term loosely, had 2 of the most gaudy rings ever! So what did I do? Well I took pictures of him of course!


121 122

Yes, those are skulls. Seriously. Does he think he’s a pirate?


And of course he had to sit with his arms out so everyone could see his atrocious man jewelry. I do find it equally as humorous that he and his “wife” were sitting on the 2nd row. What? He must have spent all his money on his man bling and didn’t have enough left over to spring for front row seats.


You could see this guy coming from a mile away. He had blond hair with frosted tips, bedazzled boots, and yes, even a bedazzled belt. I bet this guy has a few Affliction shirts in his closet. Right next to his “boys” that I’m sure he keeps in a jar on his “wife's” night stand.

But I digress. Moving on. The game was super close the whole time, just look at these scores. But the Toro’s were able to pull it off!

128 129 131 132 133

The final score, Toro’s 103, Jam 99.


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